Dhamma Tapovana - 2

Dhamma Tapovana-2, adjacent to Dhamma Tapovan-1, is the 2nd Long Course center near completion. Courses in this center will start from August 2016.

The new Pagoda, which is the same size as Dhammagiri, was inaugurated in February 2009. Tapovana – 2 is an improved model of Tapovana – 1.

At present there is –

1. A Dhamma Hall with a capacity of 160 students

2. A Pagoda with 137 cells is fully constructed. Temporarily, the cells in this pagoda are utilized by Dhammagiri for 10 day course meditators.

In the 2nd phase, it is proposed to construct 67 Male and 52 Female (a total of 119) accommodations which will be larger in size with better facilities than the ones constructed in Tapovana - 1. Presently, 36 residences are completed and work on 15 residences is in the advanced stage of completion.

Also 2 separate Mini halls with a capacity of 20 Students each, separate Teachers’ residences (male and female), a block of male and female course offices and Dhamma worker residences are planned. A modern, large dining hall is also planned to accommodate all students. This will be accompanied by a patio which will be utilized for Day – 0 registration counters and for the donation counters on the final day.

Already, a large number of trees (more than 700) have been planted while work on 2 rain water harvesting ponds is in progress. Work on roads, pathways and landscaping will be taken up.

This project is now complete. Courses have started since 26th Aug. 2016.